The story of a dream wedding …

The wedding magazine ‘’Revista Nunta’’

Photos and video, the most faithful witnesses of the marriage…
Good communication between the groom/ bride and photo / video is essential for the success of wedding photos and Cristina and Morgan’s experience is the best proof. For them, the cooperation with Mihaela and Stefan from Justsayyes and Unikt was more than a professional relationship, it was like a friendship. Beyond the obvious professionalism and talent, their passion and attitude contributed to the development of the lively personality of the wedding images with a very natural look. Paradoxically, it was the bride who insisted that Stephen and Mihaela let the cameras down for few moments, rest their hands and eyes, as they photographed for 19 hours continually.

By Cristina Svensson & Morgan Svensson

Videography : Stefan Mirea/ Adrian Liteanu
Photography : Mihaela Mirea/ Alexandra Goia
Locatie : Salon Du Mariage
Band : Colors in Stereo
Aranjamente : Carmen Ionita