Have you ever thought about how much we change when we love? We become better, more patient, more attentive, more open, and the list goes on with many “more”. There is a saying that when you love you see the best version of you, The personal you should be. It is scientifically proven that love changes the body chemistry.
Cristina and Bogdan can certainly confirm what I wrote before. They are more beautiful together, more happy and more cheerful. And why should they not be? They have a lifetime to find and enjoy “more”.

There would be much to say, a small part you can hear below.

Locatie : Palatul Bragadiru, Thraciancliffs

Band : Tibi Scobiola Band
Aranjamente : BY Lora
Photography : Just Say Yes
Rochie : Divine Atelier
Videography : Stefan Mirea/Marian Ciungu
Edit : Stefan Mirea
Voice : Diane-Monique Forrest
Music : Hans Zimmer – Time (Soular Order Remix)

Camera : 5D Mark III x 3 , Panasonic Gh4
Camera Stabilization : Dji Ronon M
Lens : 14 mm f2.8, 50 mm f 1.2, 70 -200 L II f2.8, 135 f2.0
Drona: Dji Phantom 2